Continuing Student Early Start Pathway

Continuing students at MHHS also have the opportunity to participate in this Early Start/Middle College Program. Continuing students who are interested should first complete the Delta College Online Application and then schedule an appointment at Delta College to take the assessment test on the Delta College Campus.  Once continuing students complete the assessment, Delta College Counselors will contact the student to set up a counseling appointment to go over the test results and discuss course registration. 

Assessment results can be used for a number of reasons after a continuing student takes it.
  1. Assessment information can be used to determine a student's placement into Math courses at MHHS. 
  2. Assessment information will be used to determine eligibility for Early Start college courses where students can earn college credit during high school.
  3. Assessment results will be used for possible invitation to participate in the Middle College program where students can work on BOTH their high school diploma AND their Associates Degree at the same time.  

If you'd like to see a screen-cast of what the filling out the Delta Application looks like, please watch this video