Principal's Message

skinny ben

Welcome to Mountain House High School, home of the Mighty Mustangs!  The mission of MHHS is to prepare our diverse student population to succeed in college and careers, and to become positively engaged members of their local and global community. As part of this mission, we are excited to offer a unique learning environment rich with the technological tools that will help teachers to design curriculum for students that is second-to-none.  In our innovative 21st century learning environment each student will have their own computing device that will allow them to access curriculum hosted on a learning management system (LMS), interact and collaborate with one another, and with other teachers and learners around the world. 

    As part of our learning environment, MHHS has adopted values that will create a learning environment that is rigorous and relevant, and will allow students to build relationships that will allow them to grow into resilient, responsible members of the local and global community.  All of the programs at Mountain House High School will offer students the opportunity to develop strengths and capacities in intellectual, physical, emotional, and social domains that equip them with the academic experience, social knowledge, life skills, and strength of character required to achieve success in college and in their life pursuits.  

    As principal at Mountain House High School, I believe that I have a responsibility to create an environment for students, parents, and the community that fosters achievement, partnerships, and communication. Together with our district's administration, and the direction provided to us by the LUSD Board of Trustees, we seek to provide an environment where every student has access to a rigorous education program, effective research-based teaching practices, a standards-based curriculum, well trained, innovate and committed staff, and an environment where all students are supported and encouraged to realize their goals and aspirations.  

    In addition to the type of learning environment, and the importance of the learning environment described above, I am proud to be the founding principal at Mountain House High School.  As a resident of this community for over 7 years, I am excited that we have the opportunity to open our own high school. Mountain House is a special place in the Central Valley. The families that have moved here all came here for a reason. Our shared vision of a community where we can afford our children the opportunity to live, learn, and grow in a safe environment that encourages them to do their best is being realized through the building of the High School. Together with the K-8 schools in the district, we truly can build something great.  I encourage you to learn more about us through exploring this website, and by getting involved. Let's work together to make this school great!

Go Mustangs!

Ben Fobert