Faculty and Staff List


Arruiza-deleon, Lisa - Staff Secretary/Attendance
email:  larruiza-deleon@lammersvilleusd.net  
Phone Extension: 3005

Avery, Leah
 -  Physical Education, Dance Coach
email:  lavery@lammersvilleusd.net


Bauer, Nora - World Language Department Chair, Spanish 1 & 2
email:  nbauer@lammersvilleusd.net

Bennet, Carrie, - Counselor, Last Names A - E
workdays: W, F
email:  cbennet@lammersvilleusd.net

Boswell, Renee Dr., - Counselor, Last Names S - Z
email:  rboswell@lammersvilleusd.net
Phone extension: 3009

Brandt, Lorrie - ASB Secretary
email: lbrandt@lammersvilleusd.net


Campos, Michael - Special Education, Resource
email:  mcampos@lammersvilleusd.net

Capel, Karen - Special Education Department Chair

Chicchon, Fernando - Spanish 1 & 3
email:  fchicchon@lammersvilleusd.net

Clausen, Elizabeth - Social Studies
email:  eclausen@lammersvilleusd.net

Close, Laurie - Art/Drawing
email:  lclose@lammersvilleusd.net

Crossley, Mitchell - Math
email:  mcrossley@lammersvilleusd.net


Dias, Jayson - Physical Education Department Chair, Assistant Football Coach
Phone:  209.836.7460
Website:  CLICK HERE 

Diouf, Waly - French
email:  wdiouf@lammersvilleusd.net

Dooner, Adrianna - Counselor, Last Names F - L
email: araefield@lammersvilleusd.net
Phone extension: 3017

D'Souza, Surekha - Social Studies
email:  sdsouza@lammersvilleusd.net

Duran, Athena - Vice Principal, Last Names M-Z
email: aduran@lammersvilleusd.net
Phone extension: 3003


Earle, Donna - Chemistry, Physics, Science Department Chair, Science Olympiad
Website:  CLICK HERE


Feinstein, Eric - Social Studies, Mock Trial Coach
email: efeinstein@lammersvilleusd.net

Fobert, Ben - Principal

Forrest, Scott, Dr. - English, English Department Chair
Phone:  209.836.7460

Friesen, Karen - Head Counselor, Last Names A - E
workdays: M, W, Th
Phone Extension:  3006


Garcia, Joy - Staff Secretary, Counseling, Registrar
Phone Extension:  3013

Geuss, Steve - Math, PLTW Engineering
email:  sgeuss@lammersvilleusd.net

Gibson, Donna - Staff Secretary, Athletics/VAPA
email: dgibson@lammersvilleusd.net
Phone Extension:  3011

Goel, Sonal - Math
email:  sgoel@lammersvilleusd.net

Gonzales, Joann - Spanish, Animal Science


Hill, Bernie - Food Services Director
email:  bhill@sjcoe.net
Phone Extension:  2396

Hellstrom, Joni - Vice Principal Last Names A - L
email: jhellstrom@lammersvilleusd.net

Hemming, Jeff - Art/Video Production
email: jhemming@lammersvilleusd.net

Hixon, Chris - Drama
email:  nhixon@lammersvilleusd.net



Jeffrey, Brigid - English/Yearbook
email:  bjeffrey@lammersvilleusd.net


Kelley, Alecia - Health, Social Studies Department Chair
email: akelley@lammersvilleusd.net

Kol, Pang - Basketball, Freshman Girls

Kiswani, Glenna - Office Supervisor, Principal's Secretary
email: gkiswani@lammersvilleusd.net
Phone Extension: 3010


Lasnier, Nicolas - Social Studies
email:  nlasnier@lammersvilleusd.net

Lawson, Noah - Alternative Education
email:  nlawson@lammersvilleusd.net

Lewis, Tracey - Computer Science
email:  tlewis@lammersvilleusd.net

Leyva, Regina - Art/Fashion Design, VAPA Department Chair
Website:  CLICK HERE 

Lindsey, Mary - English
email:  mlindsey@lammersvilleusd.net

Littleton, Sara - County Special Education
email:  slittleton@sjcoe.net

Lloyd, Matthew - Social Studies
email:  mlloyd@lammersvilleusd.net

Lohmann, Ashley - Math
email: alohmann@lammersvilleusd.net

Loya, Logan - Alternative Education/Leadership
email:  lloya@lammersvilleusd.net

Luna-Hojman, Claudia - Spanish
email: clunahojman@lammersvilleusd.net

Lynch, Alexandra - English, Leadership


Martin, Valerie - Counselor, Last Names M - R
email: vmartin@lammersvilleusd.net
Phone Extension: 3018

McCloskey, Jason
 - Physical Education, Head Football Coach
Website:  CLICK HERE

McCoy, Mikendra - Social Studies, Speech and Debate
email: mmccoy@lammersvilleusd.net

McLeod, Austin - Science
email:  amcleod@lammersvilleusd.net

Mendez, Renee - Math, Math Department Chair
Moquett, Kerry, Dr. - English
Musich, Cynthia - Social Studies




Olson, Kristin - Science, Project Lead the Way-Bio-Medical, HOSA
Website:  CLICK HERE 


Pascual, Kristin - Special Education
email:  kflinnpascual@lammersvilleusd.net

Perez, Karen - Alternative Education Coordinator
email: kperez@lammersvilleusd.net

Philipps, Julie - Math
email: jphilipps@lammersvilleusd.net


Qutob, Elizabeth - Math


Raza, Attif - School Psychologist
Phone Extension:  3035

Rexelle, Troy - Music
Phone:  209.836.7460 ext. 2355
Website:  CLICK HERE 

Reed, James - Technology Specialist and Support
Roberts, Ronald - Math
email:  roroberts@lammersvilleusd.net

Robinson, Joel - School Resource Deputy
Phone Extension: 3016

Rose, Amanda - Culinary
email:  arose@lammersvilleusd.net


Savage, Lauren - Chemistry, Physics
email: lsavage@lammersvilleusd.net

Schallhorn, Charles - Social Studies, Psychology
email: cschallhorn@lammersvilleusd.net

Scoffield, Shelby - English
email: sscoffield@lammersvilleusd.net

Shapses, Morgan - English/Yearbook
email: jshapses@lammersvilleusd.net

Shea, Michael - Biology
email: mshea@lammersvilleusd.net

Shepherd, Brian - Physics
email: bshepherd@lammersvilleusd.net

Solorzano, Veronica - English
email: vsolorzano@lammersvilleusd.net
Sokolowski, Erikka - Resource
email:  ehogansololowski@lammersvilleusd.net

Solorzano, Veronica - English
email:  vsolorzano@lammersvilleusd.net

Soto-Becerra, Francisco - Spanish
email: fsotobecerra@lammersvilleusd.net


Tijero, Elida - High School Attendance Clerk
email:  etijero@lammersvilleusd.net
ext: 3000


Ursal, Reno - Basketball, JV-Girls



Whitman, Nicole - Biology
email: nwhitman@lammersvilleusd.net

Woods, LeVinia
- Athletic Director, Physical Education
Website:  CLICK HERE 



Ybarra, Victoria-Lauren - Resource