Why Choose Us?

The Mustang Online Pathway at Mountain House High School has many positive attributes that benefit our students. Our online program is built upon the premise of providing students with choices. The program truly customizes an educational plan in order to meet the individual needs of students. Some students may want to have a fully online program; whereas, other students may choose to be online for their core courses but come to school for band, music, art, or a special course of interest. Students and their parents meet with guidance counselors, teachers, and administrators in order to discuss the many choices available to students enrolled in the Mustang Online Pathway.  
Advantages of the Mustang Online Pathway
Personalized education plan
Work anytime, anywhere, any place
Mountain House High School Diploma
A robust and rigorous curriculum
Wide variety of courses
Chromebooks for all students
Technical support
Guidance counseling for career and college planning
Ability to participate in school sponsored field trips and extra-curricular activities
Ability to participate in athletics and activities
Access to face-to-face tutoring from credentialed teachers
Access to the High School Campus during school hours