MHHS has five counselors for the 2017-2018 school year. Our head counselor, Karen Friesen, and Carrie Bennett are both working part time and share a caseload. Adrianna Dooner, Valerie Martin, and Renee Boswell are all full time. 

Email is the BEST way to contact your counselor.

Student Last Name  Counselor Email *Preferred Contact Other Contact 
Dial: 209.836.7460 
Student Appt Request 
A - E Karen Friesen
Carrie Bennett 
ext.  3006

ext.  3019

 F - L  
Adrianna Dooner

(Formerly Ms. Raefield) ext. 3017  appt
 M - R  
Valerie Martin ext. 3018  appt
 S - Z  
Renee Boswell ext. 3009  appt

 Support Staff 

Joy Garcia ext. 3013