Non-MHHS Course Approval

Some students at MHHS may choose to enroll in online, community college, or other types of courses outside the MHHS course catalog for various reasons.  Some students would like to take courses over the summer to jump ahead and take more advanced classes in the coming school year.  Other students may choose to take classes to make up credits lost due to previous course failure.  To participate in classes for any of these purposes, students must gain approval for these courses through their academic counselor prior to enrolling in the course.  Students taking non-MHHS courses must ensure that the class they are taking meets specific eligibility criteria.  This criteria includes checking to see if the course meets University of California approved academic requirements by checking the UC A-G Course List.  In addition, students and parents must also understand district policies regarding the placement of credits onto the student transcript.  Non-MHHS courses will only be added to the students' transcripts for the following reasons:
  • To meet minimum graduation requirements
  • To meet minimum "a-g" eligibility requirements
Please note that each college/university has its own entrance requirements.  The non-MHHS course you request to meet a graduation requirement for MHHS may not be accepted by the UC/CSU system, private colleges and universities, out-of-state institutions or NCAA as fulfilling entrance requirements.

If you have any other questions about online course approval, we encourage you to call the main office, or speak to your counselor.

Non-MHHS Course Permission Form