Non-MHHS Course Approval


Some students at MHHS may choose to enroll in online, community college, or other types of courses outside the MHHS course catalog for various reasons.  

Some students would like to take courses over the summer to jump ahead and take more advanced classes in the coming school year.  Other students may choose to take classes to make up credits lost due to previous course failure.  


1. Students must gain approval for these courses through their academic counselor prior to enrolling in the course.  

Students must research and verify their course plans first. Counselors will review plans through the permission form process. 

How to research and verify Non-MHHS Courses

Step 1: Go to the UC “A-G” website at:

Step 2: On that page, “Institution search” should be highlighted.

Step 3: In the search box, type in the name of a school or company that might have the course you are looking for and hit “Enter” or the “Search” icon. (There are some examples of schools on the bottom of this page).

Step 4: If the institution has been reviewed by the UC’s, it will appear as a choice to select in blue.

Step 5: Click on the blue institution name. You should now see a page showing all of the UC approved courses that the company or school offers each year. The courses are listed in the ‘A’ through ‘G’ categories in which they belong.

Step 6: If the a-g course list for the school or company you are reviewing does not have the course you are looking for, click “Back” and simply repeat the process above using a new school or company in the box (Step 3). You can also try the course search feature by changing out of institution search on the main page.

Step 7: After you have found an approved course, before enrolling or paying tuition, download, complete and submit the Non-MHHS Course Permission Request Form to your counselor.

Online Providers

APEX Learning Virtual School

Brigham Young University (“TL” only)

National University Virtual High School

Private/Public High Schools

Quarry Lane (Private)

Fusion Academy (Private)

Dublin High School Summer Courses (Public)

Local Community Colleges

San Joaquin Delta College (MH , Stockton)

Las Positas College (Livermore)

For students who will be taking a course at a community college, you should download a concurrent enrollment recommendation form from the website of the community college where the course is offered. Complete and submit that form along with the Non-MHHS course permission form to your counselor. More information about community college registration is available HERE! 

2. Students must submit their completed course permission form to their counselor. LINK TO FORM

3. If permission is granted, the student can purchase and begin their Non-MHHS  course.