Academies / Pathways

As students begin to put together a four year plan for graduation, students will have the opportunity to obtain academic recognition for graduation dependent on courses they intend to take during their high school career.  The MHHS Professional Pathways Program provides opportunities for students to specialize in certain fields of interest, without limiting their ability to excel in other areas pf academia.  The MHHS Professional Pathways Program offers a loosely structured system whereby students can obtain recognition at graduation for completing approved courses connected to each academy.  


Students will:

  • Voluntarily join the program

  • Select 5 approved courses connected to the Academy during their 4 years at MHHS including a prescribed course sequence in the chosen pathway that includes an introductory course, a concentration course, and a capstone course.  

  • Participate in career related activities such as: classroom speakers, field trips, job shadowing, internships, and clubs.

Pathway Areas:  Click Here to access the Pathways Spreadsheet

  • Engineering (Project Lead The Way)

  • Bio-medical Sciences (Project Lead The Way)

  • Computer Science (Project Lead The Way)

  • Arts, Media, Entertainment

  • Public & Human Services

  • Culinary Arts

  • Business

  • International Studies/World Languages

Additional Information:

  • Students can declare Pathway Choice up through Junior year

  • Earn more than just a diploma, get academy recognition

  • Stand out on college applications and their resumes

  • Start participating in your college future now

  • Learn professionalism by working with professionals currently in the field