Summer School 2020



Mountain House High School Summer School is open to all students who are seeking credit recovery for courses that they received a "D" or "F" grade during the school year.  Summer school courses at MHHS are all online credit recovery courses that can be worked on at the student's pace.  Teachers are available for tutoring and support 4 days a week Monday through Thursday for a 5 week period of time.  Due to ongoing restrictions because of the Coronavirus Pandemic, 2020 summer school teachers will only be available virtually for tutoring and help.  Typical students can make up 2 semesters of work over this time period.  Motivated students can work ahead and complete their courses in a shorter time period.  

Dates:  May 28, 2020 through July 2nd (Monday through Thursdays)
Times:  9:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M.
During Summer School 2020, teachers will only be available virtually on these dates and times.  Students and parents will be provided contact information, and teachers will communicate the best way they can be contacted during these times.  
Due to the physical distancing requirements for Summer School 2020, summer school students must take ownership of their learning, and be proactive about completing their work.  All courses for Summer 2020 are independent study and online.  Teachers are available virtually every day of summer school to tutor and provide assistance.  All work in our courses can be completed fully online except for Unit Tests and Exams.  Teachers will be live-proctoring exams using our filtering software (GoGuardian) along with live video conferencing tools.  For academic integrity purposes, ALL summer school work is to be completed using the school approved Chromebook.  Students who complete work on personal devices are subject to having work reset or being dropped from the class.    
Students will be required to virtually check in with the assigned summer school homeroom teacher on a regular basis and discuss required progress and pacing.  Students who fall "off pace" with their courses, or fall behind due to poor grades will risk being dropped from Summer School.   

It is essential that Summer School students understand the importance of academic integrity during summer school.  Because of the nature of online courses, students can likely find all the answers to the questions found in the online courses somewhere on the internet.  While it is absolutely appropriate for students to look for resources for additional learning on the internet, it is not appropriate for students to be searching for the actual answers to the quizzes, tests, or assignments.  Looking up Khan Academy videos, YouTube videos, or other internet resources about a certain general topic or subject is acceptable.  Students SHOULD NOT be searching the internet by copying the actual text of questions into internet search engines.  Students found cheating in this way will be dismissed from summer school and will not receive credits.
All students will be required to sign the Online Pathway Academic Integrity Pledge before starting Summer School, and will again be asked to sign the pledge each time they take Unit Tests and Cumulative Exams.  Please see our Academic Integrity Pledge HERE.  
Summer School is not funded by the State of California, and students participating in Summer School courses are asked to make a contribution of $50 per class/semester that they sign up for to defray the cost of running summer school.  Contributions are non-refundable, even if a student does not complete the course(s).  Contributions can be made at our online web store HERE.  
Students outside of the Lammersville Unified School District are welcome to access summer school courses on a space available basis.  Out of district students should come to the first day of school to determine if there is space.  All out of district students will be required to make the $50 contribution per semester course before starting summer school.  Parents will be required to register as a student in the Lammersville Unified School District in order to attend MHHS Summer School.  Contributions are non-refundable, even if a student does not complete the course(s).  Contributions for out of district students should not be made until after the first day of summer school to ensure there is space for the student.

Contact MHHS main office at 209.836.7460