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Is Online Right for You?

It is important that parents and students understand that Online Learning is not a way to get out of the work required to be successful.  The courses offered through the Mustang Online Pathway are rigorous, college preparatory courses intended to challenge our students.  It is essential that students and parents are realistic with their expectations of online education.  When considering the Mustang Online Pathway, students must carefully consider the following questions before starting:

Are you able to easily access the Internet as needed for your studies?
Are you comfortable communicating electronically?
Are you willing/able to dedicate 4 to 5 hours per week to each course you take?
Are you comfortable with written communication?
When it comes to learning and studying, are you a self-directed person?
Are you able to manage your time effectively and easily complete assignments on time?
As a student, do you enjoy working independently?
In your studies, do you set goals and have a high degree of initiative?
Are you comfortable initiating communication with an instructor when you have a problem or a question?
Do you have access to a quiet work space free of interruptions for homework and study time?