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Community College (Early Start)

Local Community Colleges:

1. San Joaquin Delta College (Mountain House, CA and  Stockton, CA) BUS TRANSPORTATION- STARTING OCT. 2018 in MH

2. Las Positas College (Livermore, CA)


Students take community college classes while in high school for a variety of reasons. The most common reasons are:

1. To supplement or compliment their schedules at MHHS.
2. To explore college level coursework.
*3. To complete high school or college admission requirements. 

*= If MHHS students take and pass 6-7 classes at MHHS each year, they do not need to take courses at community colleges to be on-track for graduation and 4-year college eligibility. There are plenty of opportunities to take challenging courses in a regular scheduled day at MHHS. 
If students plan to complete required course work through outside providers (examples: US History, World History, etc) courses must be done prior to the year they are required in a student's schedule at MHHS. Please refer to our 4-year plan to learn more about required course years. 


Students take all types of courses at community colleges. MHHS does require that students complete an online Non- MHHS course planning form for each course they would like to take.
* The online planning form will close each year on the last day of school, but will reopen on the first day of the new school year. 
Starting Fall 2019 all California community colleges will no longer use placement tests to determine course access for students. Please see Delta College's information on the new placement guidelines HERE. MHHS counselors do not determine course placement at community colleges.
MHHS offer a short listing of courses at Delta college that are articulated and may replace core coursework at MHHS. Please see the list of articulated courses HERE
Community colleges offer classes in the Fall, Spring, and Summer. For each trimester, colleges will publish their own schedule of classes.

NEW! Delta College Class and Course Search: Use this link to check course offerings for Fall 2019 and beyond.

Las Positas Schedule of ClassesCheck in late June for Fall classes, December for Spring classes, and early April for Summer classes. 

Students must complete a registration process for any community college that they would like to attend. Students are encouraged to start their research process as early as possible to ensure that they are able to meet all the registration timelines. 

Delta College Registration Guide: This page offers an outline of the registration process for high school students. 

Las Positas College Registration GuideThis page offers an outline of the registration process for high school students. 

MHHS counselors will sign completed (course requests must be listed) enrollment forms required by each school as part of their enrollment process. Links to enrollment forms for download can be found on each guide page listed above. 

MHHS Counselors will verify if courses taken outside of MHHS will satisfy requirements to be included on a student's MHHS transcript. This determination will be sent via email within 2-4 days after submitting the online Non-MHHS course planning form (linked to above). 

College courses that are worth 3.0 units are equivalent to 10.0 weighted credits on the MHHS transcript. College courses that are 4.0+ units will receive a maximum of 10.0 weighted credits on the MHHS transcript. 

Courses that are taken outside of MHHS to complete a high school graduation requirement and/or a minimum college admission requirement can be added to a student's MHHS transcript. Quick guide to requirements: HERE

Elective courses or elective levels of courses taken outside of MHHS will not be added to a student's high school transcript. Students are still allowed to take elective courses and all the same registration processes apply to enrolling in them.