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Work Permits

BEFORE you begin to look for a job, ask yourself these questions?

Do I attend all of my classes on time everyday?
Am I prepared for class each day?
Does my behavior at school reflect Mustang values?
Am I on track to graduate?
Am I passing all of my classes?

If you answered YES to all of the questions above,  you are eligible for a work permit.

Work Permits

Who needs a work permit?

Minors (those under 18 years of age,) who are subject to CA compulsory education laws may obtain a work permit. California’s compulsory school attendance law requires a person to attend school until he/she is 18 years of age, or has graduated from high school, or has passed the High School Proficiency Examination.


How do I get a work permit?

After you have been offered a job, fill out the B1-1 form (available HERE.)

Students must complete the “minor” section of the form, then request that the employer and parent complete and sign their sections.

Return the completed B1-1 form with all necessary signatures to Ms. Perez in the Library.

If all requirements are met, you may be issued the work permit B1-4.  Take one copy to your employer and keep one copy for your records.


Attendance and Work Permits

Work Permits may be revoked if the student is not regularly attending classes.


Grades and Work Permits

Work Permits may be revoked if the student is in danger of not graduating and/or is failing a course.


Do I need a work permit if I am working for my parents/family business?

Yes.  A work permit is required for minors employed regardless of relationship.  Exemptions are allowed for agricultural or domestic work performed on land that is owned, operated, or controlled by the parents.


Are work permits required during the summer?

Yes.  Labor and education codes apply during all seasons and times of year, even during summer months and/or school breaks.

May I have more than one work permit?

Yes. A minor may work concurrently for more than one employer and, therefore, have more than one valid work permit.  But, regardless of the number of employers and work permits, the total number of hours worked may not exceed the total number of hours allowed.