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VIRTUAL Walk-Through Registration (Current Students)

MHHS LogoWe welcome you to Mountain House High School's VIRTUAL walk-through registration packet information.  Please read the instructions below carefully.  There are several links to information that students and parents must read, and forms that must be completed.  These steps must be completed BEFORE a student's schedule is unlocked and visible in the Aeries Parent and Student portal.  

STEP #1-- Complete Data Confirmation in Aeries Parent Portal
Login to the Aries Parent Portal to read and acknowledge yearly notices, health information, contact information, electronic acceptable use agreements, and student handbook.  Be sure to complete all acknowledgments and save your confirmation.  
Step #2-- Retrieve your class schedule ONLINE

After you complete the above step, your student schedule will be available ONLINE through the Aeries Parent and Student Portals.
Schedules will only be available to students AFTER 5:00 P.M on Friday 08/07/2020 and only for students of parents who have successfully completed the Data Confirmation Process. 
If there are any problems with your schedule, or if you'd like to request to change your schedule, submit a schedule change request form.  
Step #3--Purchase Chromebook Coverage
Did you know that your Chromebook Coverage is only good for 1 year.  That means that if you'd like your current chromebook covered again this school year, you need to purchase Chromebook coverage again.  We highly suggest you obtain coverage for damage or loss.  Please visit our district website for detailed information about Chromebook Coverage here:
CLICK HERE to purchase your Chromebook Coverage for $35.
What about the other regular parts of Walk-Through Registration?
Due to the worldwide pandemic, our walk-through registration will consist of only the above steps at the beginning of the year.  Once we are able to come back to the campus, there may be opportunities for students to take their school picture, get their school ID card, purchase ASB activities cards, etc.  We look forward to selling our Yearbooks and class shirts online in the coming weeks.