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4 Year Plan

Selecting courses during high school is far more than simply planning which classes to take next year. It is important to view high school as a period of four years, during which you hope to meet a variety of personal goals: graduation, college eligibility or career and technical education, and skill development. Be aware of the requirements of each of your goals, and develop a Four Year Plan to ensure that all necessary courses will be completed by graduation. 

It is recommended that you make an appointment with your counselor each year to review and edit your Four Year Plan.
Starting January 2019, counselors will be assisting all incoming 9th graders with creating an online 4-year plan in Aeries. Students will be able to save and edit this plan as often as they like. Each year, counselors will be able reviewing these plans when completing classroom presentations about scheduling for the next school year. 
Click HERE for the 4-year planning guide presentation.