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Course Change Policies


Students may request schedule changes during the designated change window of each semester. 

Starting August 7th, 2020 please click HERE to request a first semester schedule change (this form is also available on the counseling website during the schedule change periods and may only be opened by users with gmail accounts). A digital signature from a parent/guardian is required to complete the form. A copy of each completed online change form will be automatically emailed to the parent email address provided on the form. 

During the schedule change window, students may submit a request to change levels or electives. Schedule change requests may take up to 10 days to process and may cause other aspects of a student’s schedule to change in order to accommodate the request. Class changes are not guaranteed. Students should continue to complete all work for their current class after submitting a change request. All schedule change requests are subject to counselor approval and space available. Teacher/period changes cannot be accommodated. 

2020-2021- Update: Students were given a special opportunity to view and change their course formats through the Hybrid change form in July 2020. Since this was made available at that time, we are no longer able to accommodate requests to change the format of a class. For example, we are not processing changes from Math 2 (face-to-face) into OC Math 2 or vice versa. 

While students may petition for changes at the beginning of second semester, many of our year-long courses cannot accept new students at that time. Options for changes may be very limited. 


Students may petition to drop a course through the end of change window (dates listed below). If a course is dropped before this deadline, it will not appear on the transcript. When requesting to drop a course after the close of the schedule change window, students must provide their counselor and administrator with a valid and compelling reason for missing the deadline. Changes may be considered through the first grading period of each semester.

If a student completed a required course through an outside program an official transcript must be received before the schedule change window closes (dates listed below)- in order for the equivalent course in their MHHS schedule to be dropped. Students must order official transcripts through their outside schools in time for them to be received by the deadline. Please keep in mind that some outside schools only allow for official transcripts to be mailed, which means students should be ordering with at least one week’s worth of time left in the change window to ensure timely receipt. 

9th-11th grade students are required to maintain a minimum of 6 periods at MHHS and 12th grade students must maintain a minimum of 5 periods. Credit deficient students may be required to take up to 7 periods. Drops are subject to counselor/administrator approval and space available. 







Schedule Change Window

August 7th

August 21st @ 3:30PM



Schedule Change Window

January 4th

January 11th @ 3:30PM