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Credit Recovery Lab

Students who are not successful in their classes during the regular school year can use one of the class periods to engage in credit recovery for classes in which they have received a "D" or "F" grade.  Students are enrolled in a credit recovery version of the class that students need to have recovered, and have the semester to recover as many credits as possible.  Students should see this as an opportunity to recover credits, or repair poor grades on their transcript.  Students who are unsuccessful in Credit Recovery Lab and fall further behind in their credits may need to consider enrolling in EPIC Academy, or in another San Joaquin County office of Education Alternative Education option in order to graduate from high school.  
In addition to any credits that a student may complete during the semester in Credit Recovery Lab, the student will receive up to 5 additional elective credits for attending class daily, staying on track, completing weekly progress reports, and completing regular goal and reflection assignments throughout the semester.