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Summer School Blended Learning Format

blended learningSummer School courses are conducted using a blended learning format. This means that coursework is completed online, and teachers are available for small-group and one-on-one tutoring when needed. Summer School is an opportunity for students to catch up on credits they missed, so students must be self-motivated. In order to help with motivation, students will be required to physically attend Summer School each day to demonstrate that they have made daily progress towards course completion. Students may be excused early in the day if all work published for the school day is complete and their grade is at a C or above.   Students will also be required to have all Unit tests proctored by a teacher on-site at the high school. Teachers will also require students to complete independent writing assignments in a proctored in-person environment.


Students will be assigned a "homeroom" teacher who will monitor progress of each student in their class, proctor assessments and writing assignments, and refer students to peer tutors or subject-specific summer school teachers as needed.