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Business and Finance Pathway

decaMountain House High School's Business and Finance Pathway is available for students who are interested in hands on learning in these areas.  Persons trained in fields such as business management, international trade, and various financial services specialties (e.g., accounting, banking, and investing) will find that their skills are highly marketable. Students master basic business principles and procedures before proceeding to the career path specializations. The specializations emphasize concepts of accounting and finance, including computer applications, taxes, investments, and asset management as well as pathways in international business and business management. Because almost every business and organization has a financial and management component, students will find that opportunities exist in many career paths in addition to those in business and finance.
Students in this pathway are also enrolled in a Career and Technical Student Organization (CTSO) that provides students the opportunity to participate in conferences and competitions locally, statewide, and internationally.  The organization Business and Finance students join is called Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA).  Students at MHHS are regularly ranked among the top students in the state and international conferences each year.  Visit our school's DECA website for more information.  
Here is a quote from an alumni of our CTE Business Pathway: 
"I am attending college at CSU Long Beach, pursuing a major in Business.  After finishing the first semester of college and taking accounting classes, I see all the concepts we learned in class appear again in college.  Thank you so much for teaching us in-depth business skills that are helpful in college."
Students in our Business and Finance Pathway engage in a 4-year rigorous course sequence that allows the to gain hands-on experience, access to professionals in the biomedical field, and culminate in projects and internships that are a great lead-in to future studies in the business field in college and beyond.  Below is the list of the courses in our Business Pathway:
Introduction to Business 
Students will explore general principles in business, economics, finance, career preparation, basics of business management, business finances, business communications, marketing, global economies, and personal financial literacy. Coursework and assignments will provide real-world experiences, have hands-on activities, writing activities, and career research opportunities. The course will facilitate skills development in analysis of problems and problem solving, technical writing essentials, marketing research, basic accounting.
Financial Management (New in 2021)
The Financial Management course will introduce students to the concept of money and money management
in several aspects pertaining to both business and personal finances. The course will be delivered in units
covering such topics as: making personal financial management choices, investing, accounting,
entrepreneurship financial matters, and business fiscal responsibilities. The course will be designed for
students to take active roles in financial planning and money management decisions. Students will be able
to engage in mock business scenarios regarding financial planning and decision making.
Technical Business Communication 1
This course prepares students for engaging in business communications, writing real-world business documents, and developing business related projects with supporting business documentation. The course will emphasize the following: (A) Analysis of the organization, style, and format for both technical and non-technical reports, (B) The production of formal and informal reports demonstrating business and technical writing strategies directly related to the students’ fields of professional and/or educational interests.
Technical Business Communication 2
This course builds on concepts and objectives introduced in Technical Business Communication. Students will learn to develop more complex, extensive real-world business documents (e.g., external request for proposal) employing the full writing process and develop more extensive and more complex business-related projects with supporting business documentation (executive board presentations). The course will extend and deepen the rigor in the formatting and content development for reports. The activities will afford more focus to project-based collaborative assignments in analyzing business problems, recognizing opportunities for solving problems and developing innovative approaches for keeping the business competitive.
Students who are involved in the Business Pathway are also involved with the national DECA organization.  Students in this organization participate in conferences and competitions locally, statewide, and internationally.
For more information, please contact the Pathway lead teacher, Dr. Kerry Moquett, at