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Semester Awards

asdfEach year, MHHS holds a mid-year Semester Awards Ceremony to honor students who stand out for a number of reasons.  Check out the award categories below for more information about these awards, and how you can work towards obtaining a semester award.
Department Awards
Students earning department awards tonight were nominated by the teachers in the individual academic departments. They chose students who set themselves apart by making contributions to class that went above and beyond and added significantly to the classroom environment. The following awards are available in the departmental awards: 
  • Freshman Social Studies Award
  • Sophomore Social Studies Award
  • Junior Social Studies Award
  • Senior Social Studies Award
  • Freshman Health Award
  • Senior Adulting Award
  • Freshman Science Award
  • Sophomore Science Award
  • Junior Science Award
  • Senior Science Award
  • Freshman English Award
  • Sophomore English Award
  • Junior English Award
  • Senior English Award
  • Freshman Math Award
  • Sophomore Math Award
  • Junior Math Award
  • Senior Math Award
  • Freshman World Language Award
  • Sophomore World Language Award
  • Junior World Language  Award
  • Senior World Language Award
  • Freshman VAPA Award
  • Sophomore VAPA Award
  • Junior VAPA Award
  • Senior VAPA Award
  • Freshman PE Award
  • Sophomore PE Award
  • Junior PE Award
  • Senior PE Award
  • Freshman CTE Award
  • Sophomore CTE Award
  • Junior CTE Award
  • Senior CTE Award
Marvelous Mustang Award
The Marvelous Mustang award is an award given to students who exemplify the Mustang Way by demonstrating the traits of resilience, rigor, relationships, responsibility, and respect. Students who received this award are nominated by teachers school-wide. These students are selected for their contributions across the campus in multiple classrooms and activities. With the number of exceptional students that we have here at MHHS it takes an extra special person to stand out and make an impact that affects the whole campus. We are very happy to be able to recognize students and celebrate the way that they have demonstrated the Mustang Way.
Awards in this category are given to one (1) student in each grade level at MHHS.
Principal's Honor Roll
Principal's Honor Roll is awarded to all students who have maintained a grade point average of 3.0 to 3.49 during the first semester. 
Superintendent's Honor Roll
Superintendent’s Honor Roll is awarded to all students who have maintained a grade point average of 3.5 to 4.0 during the first semester.
School Board's Honor Roll
School Board's Honor Roll is awarded to all students who have maintained a grade point average of 4.01 or higher during the first semester.