MHHS 3rd Quarter Progress Reports Posted

.Good afternoon, Mustangs,
Third Quarter Progress Reports have been posted to the Aeries Parent and Student Portals TODAY.  The third quarter is the halfway point in semester 2.  

In order to see your student's grades:
  1. Login to the Aeries Portal
  2. Then select the student for whom you would like to view grades (if you have multiple students)
  3. Then Click on the "Grades" link in the right hand menu.
  4. Then Click on "Grades" again in the right hand menu.
The grades for this grading period "3rd Qtr" will be highlighted.

Grades that are in the portal for this grading period will NOT be reported on the student transcript, but are a good indication of how your student is performing academically up to this point.  Please note that this grade DOES IMPACT a student’s ability to participate in extracurricular activities and sports.  Students who have a GPA below 2.3 for this grading period will no longer be eligible to participate.  Eligibility will not reset until Semester 2 grades are submitted in May.  Please see the MHHS Activity Student/Parent Handbook for more information about eligibility.   We encourage you to reach out to your child's teachers and/or counselor if you have concerns or questions about their progress in any of their classes.  

MHHS Administration