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Students are assigned to counselors based on their last names (see below for details). 
MHHS has five counselors for the 2018-2019 school year. Karen Friesen and Wajma Aslami both work part time serving the same alphabet of assigned students. Adrianna Dooner, Valerie Martin, and Renee Boswell all work full time. 
Counselors are available for in-person meetings with parents by appointment only. Parents can call or email Mrs. Joy Garcia to schedule appointments with their student's assigned counselor. 
Counselor Contacts
Email is the BEST way to contact your counselor. 
Student Last Name
*Preferred Contact
 Phone Ext. 
Wajma Aslami
*Karen Friesen
* Please contact Wajma Aslami while Karen Friesen is out on maternity leave through July 2019. 
 Em-Lm &
 Adrianna Dooner  3017
Valerie Martin   3018
Special Projects Renee Boswell   3009
Support Staff
Role Name  Email
Phone Ext. 
Registrar/ Counseling Secretary Joy Garcia 3013
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