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​The goal of MHHS Student Leadership is to work together with the student body and staff to establish a connected family that teaches leadership qualities/skills and plans all inclusive school events that promotes school spirit and creates a positive school culture.
Associated Student Body and Class Officers 2022-2023
ASB President           Juliann Neri
ASB Vice President   Nadiya Timothy
ASB Secretary           Caitlin Sandra Neil
ASB Treasurer           Hadia Ashfaq
ASB Athletics             Ashley Cheena Soledad
ASB Academics         Lakshita Kutnikar
ASB Activities            Faith Wilson
ASB Publicity             Erica Kim
District Board Member Representative    
Sathya Seelam
Senior Class Officers
Senior Class President             Rameen Rauf
Senior Class Vice President     Jamie Joaquin
Senior Class Secretary             Shifa Meenaz
Senior Class Treasurer             Sangini Gatadi
Junior Class Officers
Junior Class President            Bria Eaquinto
Junior Class Vice Preisdent    Amber Rasheed
Junior Class Secretary            Eva Mercado
Junior Class Treasurer            Preston Wiedner
Sophomore Class Officers
Sophomore Class President            Michelle Banci
Sophomore Class Vice President    Kirpa Bhullar 
Sophomore Class Secretary           Devika Vithalani
Sophomore Class Treasurer           Yuji Tan
Freshman Class Officers
Freshmen Class President          Bailie Burgess
Freshmen Class Vice President  Agrima Korde 
Freshmen Class Secretary         Katelyn Wiedner 
Freshmen Class Treasurer         Sarayu Sirikonda