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Community Service

In order to graduate from Mountain House High School, students are required to complete 40 service hours with a non-profit organization. Any non-profit that does not involve working for a family member is eligible.  Please see information at the bottom of this page in regards to expectations during the COVID19 Pandemic.
July 28- TBD: Aeries Service Learning Log will be unavailable. Please return to log hours  when Service Learning is restored to students in their Aeries Portals. 

Due to the pandemic MHHS will allow students to work towards their community service requirements by completing tasks that look different than a typical school year.

I would like to point out that the MHHS Administration fully understands that the most common places and ways to complete your community services hours have been put off limits due to the current safety guidelines.  

At this time we would like to offer a variety of options as ideas to continue to work on completing your community service hours while remaining in your home.  Please see the list below for ideas and ways to still complete your community service hours.  

  • Sew protective hospital masks and donate to a local hospital (Hospital Mask Details)
  • Send letters to essential workers (first responders, medical field workers, grocery store workers, ect.)
  • Send letters to the troops
  • Donating blood
  • Tutor fellow students digitally
  • Offer to read a story to one of the K-8 classes
  • Come up with a plan to donate stuffed animals when appropriate 
  • Knit or crochet baby blankets to be donated to hospitals or homeless shelters
  • Organize games and activities for children in hospitals to be done digitally 
  • Put on performances for children in hospitals digitally
  • Give free music lessons to K-8 students digitally
  • Read to residents at a nursing home digitally
  • Mow an elderly neighbor's lawn
  • Write letters to give to nursing homes
  • Pick up medicine for an elderly neighbor
  • Perform a concert or play at a senior center digitally 
  • Plant flowers or help in the garden at home 
  • Produce a neighborhood newspaper
  • Create a TV or radio public service announcement against drug and alcohol use
  • Help your family clean out a closet/ garage area
  • Help your family with any big spring cleaning projects

While coming up with your community service hours plan please only participate or perform in activities that follow all current local guidelines.  You are not limited to only completing items on this list.  Once you have completed any activities please fill out your aeries log.

If you have specific questions about your community service please reach out to your Vice Principal.

For students last names A-L email

For students last names M-Z email

Students may now input their community service directly into their student portals in Aeries. Supervisor contact information must be included for all entries to be verified before hours are officially counted. 
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MHHS offers students awards in the spring of their senior year for exceptional levels of service completed during high school.
Graduating Class Aeries Submission/ Approval Deadline 200-299 Hour Award 300+ Hour Award
2021 March 19th, 2021
  1. Certificate                
  2. Varsity Block Letter 
  1. Varsity Block Letter
  2. Name engraved in commemorative plaque located at MHHS