Non-MHHS Courses

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There are two main goals that students have when considering a plan to take Non-MHHS courses (courses taken outside of MHHS). Options and next steps vary depending on the outcome a student wants to achieve by taking Non-MHHS courses. Please review the goals below and follow the links to more information. 
If your Delta College course incurs expenses for textbooks/additional materials, we encourage you to contact your Counselor for information on available resources to help cover these costs.
Student Goal #1 - Articulated Courses 
To take specific courses at an outside institution resulting in having credits awarded by MHHS (articulation) and replacing required coursework at MHHS. This is a popular avenue for students to explore that would make room in their schedules for future school years and/or would like to take rigorous college level courses that interest them. If this is your goal, please scroll down and review the "Delta Courses - Timeline for Articulation". Once a course is articulated to your MHHS transcript, it CANNOT be removed. If you do not want a course articulated to your High School transcript you MUST let you Counselor know prior to the course being added. 
Student Goal #2 - Non Articulated Courses 
To take ANY course of interest at an outside institution to explore an academic field that may not be offered at MHHS. These courses would earn a student college credit only, and will not be added to the MHHS Transcript NOR will it replace a required course at MHHS. 
Steps to Sign-Up for a Non-MHHS Course ***students with a 2.9 or below GPA will not be approved to take outside courses***
  1. Fill out a Non-MHHS Course Planning Form. Linked here: CLICK HERE
  2. Apply to Delta, after 24 hours- you will receive an email with your Delta ID. CLICK HERE ***If you have trouble with this step you will need to contact Delta for support. If you have already taken a course with Delta, you do not need to apply again.
  3. Wait until you receive your Delta ID, once you receive your Delta ID, move on to Step 4.
  4. Fill out the CES Form CLICK HERE
  5. Once the CES Form has been processed, you will sign-up for the course using your MyDelta Portal.
  6. IF YOUR CLASS REQUIRES A PRE-REQUISITE, you will need to complete the process HERE.
Helpful tips for navigating MyDelta: LINK to MyDelta Videos


Non-MHHS Course Policies 

If you are an Early College student, please refer to the MHHS Website for policies & procedures

Options for Articulation onto the High School Transcript 

MHHS students can take courses at outside institutions that will count toward high school course credit, replacing the required course at MHHS (articulated). Courses for articulation must be completed no later than the fall semester of the year prior to when it is required at MHHS and must be needed to meet a high school graduation requirement or minimum A-G college eligibility requirement.


GPA Impact

If you take a required course at Delta/Community College that will be articulated onto your High School transcript, the Community College course will be a weighted course on the 5.0 GPA scale (similar to taking an AP/Honors course).


Courses Eligible for Articulation to the MHHS Transcript




English 11, English 12

Social Studies

World History, US History, Government, Economics

*World Language (Not offered at MHHS)

Through level two of a language other than Spanish, French, or Chinese

Students can begin taking classes at community college starting in their 9th grade year. Students are not approved to take community college classes between 8th-9th grade summer. 

Delta Courses  - Timeline for Articulation 

World History *HIST2B @ Delta* (must be completed by Dec. of 9th grade year) 
US History *HIST17A @ Delta* (must be completed by Dec. of 10th grade year)
English 11 *ENG1A @ Delta* (must be completed by Dec. of 10th grade year)
Government *POLSC1 @ Delta* (must be completed by Dec. of 11th grade year)
Economics *ECON5 @ Delta* (must be completed by Dec. of 11th grade year)
English 12 *ENG1A or ENG1B @ Delta* (must be completed by Dec. of 11th grade year)


Math Advancement 

The only opportunity for Math advancement is the Math 1 Summer Skipper course taken during the summer after 8th grade (offered by MHHS). There are no other outside Math courses you can use for advancement. No math course taken outside of MHHS will be articulated onto the High School transcript. 

Question: I am a Sophomore enrolled in Math 3. Can I take Precalculus over the summer with an outside institution to be able to advance to AP Calculus AB in Junior Year.

Answer: No, there are no advancement opportunities for Math. 

Question: I am a Sophomore in Math 3 Honors. I want to take Calculus at Delta next year. Can I do so?

Answer: Yes, you can choose to take Calculus with an outside institution. This course is NOT approved to be added to your High School transcript. 

World Language

Students can take a World Language outside of MHHS and have it articulated onto their High School transcript (through level 2). Spanish, French, & Chinese CANNOT be taken outside of MHHS to be articulated onto the MHHS Transcript because we offer them at MHHS. 

Important Note: It is possible to take a Level 1 Language course from a Community College and have that course fulfill the A-G World Language requirement. MHHS Counselors are unable to confirm if the requested course fulfills the A-G requirement, students must work with a Community College Counselor to confirm.  MHHS Counselors DO NOT recommend fulfilling the World Language requirement by taking a Community College course. It could cause issues when applying to Out-of-State and Private colleges

***If you have already completed your World Language requirement by taking a World Language course at MHHS, you are unable to take an additional World Language course and have it articulated onto your High School transcript.


Principal Certified Language Academies: If you or your student has completed courses at an approved Principal Certified Language Academy (Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Punjabi) your Counselor will contact student & parent directly once the transcript is received. If a student/parent does not want the course added to the MHHS Transcript, you must respond to the email from the Counselor stating so.


Principal Certified Language Academies: 




TAMIL (Level 1-4)

*Meets NCAA requirements.

California Tamil Academy--Aram Tamil School

TELUGU (Level 1-4)

SiliconAndhra Manabadi

PUNJABI (Level 5-7)

Guru Nanak Khalsa School

KANNADA (Level 1-4)

Kannada Gurukula by Padaantaranga Corporation

ARABIC (101, 102, &103)

Iqraa Arabic Academy


Madhu Bhasha Kendra


Non-Articulated Courses

Non-Articulated courses will NOT be added to the MHHS Transcript. Students can choose to take ANY COURSE they want at an outside institution. Students should work with Community College Counselors to ensure they are taking courses that will benefit them in the future/transfer with them to possible future colleges.

Question: Does it matter to colleges if the Non-MHHS course that I take is articulated to my MHHS transcript?

Answer: No! Colleges will ask that applicants provide official transcripts from ALL institutions that a student attended during high school and they will evaluate their full academic profile. It does not matter if MHHS adds the course to your transcript. The only difference is that you can not replace courses at MHHS and those Non-MHHS course grades will not be included in your MHHS GPA. 

We do recommend that you take courses that colleges will recognize as quality, credit earning, coursework. Community College courses can be checked for transferability on and all other high school level course work can be researched. See HERE for more information about the research process for high school level coursework. 

Question: I want to take a Non-MHHS course in math, science, PE, or another elective- can I take those courses and jump ahead in coursework at MHHS? 

Answer: While you can take those courses, since they are not eligible for articulation on to your MHHS transcript, you will not be able to jump ahead in or replace MHHS course work. 

Question: I want to take a Pathway course at Delta, can I use this to advance in the MHHS Pathway? 

Answer: No, outside courses cannot be used to advance in MHHS Pathways. You must complete the Pathway as it was designed at MHHS.