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Non-Articulated Courses

MHHS student can take ANY course they want outside of MHHS! 
Students may want to take courses for a variety of reasons outside of MHHS. Common reasons for taking Non-MHHS Courses:
1. To explore an educational opportunity that is not offered at MHHS
2. To deepen their knowledge in any area of study that is not offered at MHHS
3. To try college level courses
4. To correct grades earned in other non-articulated courses
*5. To take courses to replace requirements at MHHS and earn high school credit (articulation). 
*If you are looking for more information on #5, please refer to our Articulation page and follow the instructions there. 
All students must complete a Non-MHHS Course Planning Form prior to registration.
Q: Does it matter to colleges if the Non-MHHS course that I take is articulated to my MHHS transcript?
A: No! Colleges will ask that applicants provide official transcripts from ALL institutions that a student attended during high school and they will evaluate their full academic profile. It does not matter if MHHS adds the course to your transcript. The only difference is that you can not replace courses at MHHS and those Non-MHHS course grades will not be included in your MHHS GPA. 
We do recommend that you take courses that colleges will recognize as quality, credit earning, coursework. Community College courses can be checked for transferability on and all other high school level course work can be researched. See HERE for more information about the research process for high school level coursework. 
Q: I want to take a Non-MHHS course in math, science, PE, or another elective- can I take those courses and jump ahead in coursework at MHHS? 
A: While you can take those courses, since they are not eligible for articulation on to your MHHS transcript, you will not be able to jump ahead in or replace MHHS course work.