MHHS 2nd Annual Advanced Art Show, Friday 5/10

.We will be having our 2nd Annual MHHS Advanced Art Show at 6-7 pm this Friday!
If you can come support art and ceramic students, that would be lovely! I am sure Laurie and I's advanced students would love to see their teachers and MHHS staff at their show. They are very proud of their work! Stop by to view art and have some snacks. More details are on this poster: 

Art 3

Chen, Milton

Cornejo, Ivan   

Craig, Logan  

Cruz, Brooklyn 

de la Cruz, Keanu N.

 Frahm, Iryana P.

Gaddi, Lianne Romae G.

Gonzales, Kamryn

Hill, Damien A. 

Kim, Annette S.

Machuca, Serena C.

Odom, AveriElle C.

Oo, Brian P.

Patin, Clara E.

Peter, Eucharistia M.

Rampas, Jaymie L.

Reynolds, Jayden R.

Swenson, Cleo M.

Yuri F.

Vytla, Sahasra  

Walker, Eva

Wicaksono, Raihan A.

Hensley, Mars

Lorenzo, Kiesha

Fitch, Jasmine


Angeles, Arwen G. 

Dabbara, Sathwik  

David, Michelle E.

Ganesan, Keerthana  

Kollipara, Adithi N.

Lee, Jules B.  

Lee, Katie Y.  

Mercado, Eva Ashelynne

Sirigadha, Harshitha

Townsley, Haylie E.

Some of them will not be in attendance, but most of them will be! Regardless, many beautiful pieces of art will be there.