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Special Education Department

The curriculum in Special Education is designed to meet the needs of those students whose academic programs are determined by an Individual Education Plan. These courses are open only to students in resource specialist or special day class programs. These classes may be offered in small groups, or students may be integrated into general education courses where students are offered extra support, accommodations, and modifications to help them be successful. 
Depending on their individual IEP plan, most resource students at Mountain House High School are enrolled in typical college preparation courses, and special education teachers are assigned as co-teachers in these courses.  Students receive special education services through this co-teaching method, and through direct services in dedicated special education lab courses. 
Special Education services vary depending on the services outlined in the Individual Education Plan for each student, and accommodations and modifications are coordinated through a collaborative process that includes parents, student, teachers, administrators, education specialists, and special education teachers.  
The special Education Department Chair is Karen Capel:  kcapel@lammersvilleusd.net