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EPIC Academy

Mission Statement

The mission of EPIC Academy is to:

EMPOWER students to develop their strengths, interests, and values by creating a

PERSONALIZED graduation pathway that provides

INNOVATIVE learning options to fit the needs of each learner and

COLLABORATING with local businesses and other community members to provide opportunities for learning beyond the walls of Mountain House High School.


Program Description

EPIC Academy at Mountain House High School serves learners in grades 11-12 that have for some reason or another fallen behind in credits, or learners who prefer a smaller learning environment due to a variety of issues. Learners in the program work in a blended instructional environment on campus with a personal learning facilitator three days per week and participate in job training, shadowing, internships, work experience, service learning, or community college courses two days a week.

Credit requirements to earn a diploma are aligned with those of the comprehensive high school, thereby allowing the learner the opportunity to graduate on time with their class.