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Digital Arts Pathway

Digital ArtistThe Digital Arts pathway is one in which students learn the basics through advanced programs and applications in all things digital art.  Students learn tools of the Adobe creative suite, and build digital portfolios.  Students in advanced courses prepare themselves for college and careers in the creative realms of advertising, game design, animation, etc. courses are also articulated through Delta College, which means students have the potential to earn college credit by completing certain courses with certain grades.  Completing the 3 year pathway will earn you Pathway Recognition at the Graduation Ceremony.
Students in this pathway are also enrolled in a Career and Technical Student Organization (CTSO) that provides students the opportunity to participate in conferences and competitions locally, statewide, and internationally.  The organization Digital Arts Pathway students join is called SkillsUSA.   
Here is a quote from an alumni of our Digital Arts Pathway:
"Being in the Digital Arts Pathway became my start in pursuing my passion for art.  What I believe I got out of being in the pathway was the technical skill involving the usage of the software that industry professionals use, like everything in the Creative Cloud Suite (in particular, Photoshop).  Once I was in an educational environment that surrounded me with digital tools, it definitely was a strong aid in becoming accustomed to navigating the utilities I'd need for the career I am pursuing, which is Visual Development.  In addition to this, the Digital Arts Pathway did not deviate from the traditional fundamentals of art, teaching us many transferable skills."
Courses offered to our students in the Digital Arts Pathway are listed below:
This basic digital design course teaches how to use Adobe CC. You will learn to create vector images using Adobe Illustrator. In Photoshop, we will explore how to create and alter raster images through digital drawing and photography. Students will learn the basics of marketing, branding, drawing on a tablet, designing game/concept art and basic understanding of how to set up a character animate file using Adobe Animate. Students will end the class with a Digital Art Portfolio.
Students begin to define their area of concentration in year 2. Units cover projects that teach advanced techniques in designing and creating digital art in Adobe CC. These projects include: Advanced techniques for creating digital Illustrations, advanced composites, opportunities to use Adobe Animate to design character storyboards and 2D animations, exploration of motion graphics with Adobe After Effects Students will continue to develop their portfolios and participate in independent and collaborative projects with other CTE pathways. This course is the concentration year for the Digital Art pathway. Students who receive an A or B in both semesters can earn 3 units in GRART003A: Digital Illustration for Graphic Design at Delta College. 
In the final year of this CTE Pathway, students concentrate on a selected area of focus. These areas of focus include: Digital Illustration, Game Design Concepts, Concept Art/Character Animations, Advertising Design, Photoshop Advanced Projects, Using After Effects to create motion graphics. Student goals include showcasing their capstone projects and demonstrating mastery of their focus. Students who receive an A or B in both semesters can earn 3 units in GRART001A: Digital Imaging 1 at Delta College.