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fAll fundraisers for MHHS Clubs, Teams, Organizations, and Booster Groups must be officially approved through the school and the district office.  Student Clubs, Teams, and Organizations must also have the approval of the ASB Executive Board before it is sent to the site and district administration for approval.
Fundraising efforts for clubs, teams and organizations should generally be planned for the entire school year at the beginning of each school year.  Planning in advance makes it more likely that the fundraiser will be approved.  Fundraiser must be submitted through the process AT LEAST 1 MONTH PRIOR to the start of the fundraiser.  
Please follow this process to have a fundraiser approved:
  1. Identification and approval of the fundraiser, and purpose for the raised funds must be proposed and approved at the club, team, or organization level, and must be notated in the minutes of the group's meeting.  
  2. Once approved, the club, team, or organization must submit a fundraiser request through the link here:  FUNDRAISING REQUEST FORM LINK
  3. ASB Executive council will review and approve/deny requests at their regular meetings.
  4. MHHS Administration reviews and approve/deny requests 
  5. LUSD Administration approve/deny requests
The approval process can take up to 3-4 weeks, and clubs, teams, organizations may need to provide additional information about the fundraiser if there are questions.  Please be specific with the information you provide in your request including accurate dates, and a description of the fundraising activity.
Clubs, Teams, Organizations have access to the fundraising response sheet HERE
Please refer to this document to see the progress of your fundraising request approval.  You can also check on other clubs, teams, and organizations so that you don't conflict with other fundraisers already happening.