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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Mustang Online Pathway?
The Mustang Online Pathway is a new program at Mountain House High School that allows students who prefer to engage in their high school educational program in a fully online environment.  

How is the Mustang Online Pathway different that other online schools?
Because the Pathway is a part of the traditional brick-and-mortar high school, students in this pathway have access to all of the facilities, programs, and resources that a fully online school does not have.  Because students in the pathway are MHHS students, they can come to campus during the day for club meetings, rallies, activities, field trips, library, or just to come socialize with their friends at lunch time.  Students in the pathway can also take classes on campus in the face-to-face school environment.  This means students can access elective courses that are more project based, or hands on, like Band, Choir, Drama, Art, Engineering, Robotics, Biomedical Science, etc.  The sky is the limit!

Can I be 4 year college eligible if I graduate from the Online Pathway?
YES!  A majority of the courses we offer are college prep, and UC/CSU a-g approved courses.

What if I need help?  Are there teachers who can assist me?
If you need help with any of the content in your classes, there are teachers at Mountain House High School who are here to tutor and assist students as they go through the online courses.  Working with the coordinator of alternative education, you can set up time to sit one-on-one or in small group instruction to get additional help as needed.

I don't live in the boundaries of Mountain House High School.  Can I apply?
YES!  Students who live outside of the school district can apply for an inter-district transfer to come to MHHS and the Mustang Online Pathway.  Fill out the application for the online pathway first, go through the interview process, and the coordinator of alternative education will help you with the paperwork that needs to be completed for your transfer.  

What are the graduation requirements for The Pathway?
Graduation requirements for the pathway are the same as all other students at Mountain House High School.  For more information about the graduation requirements, please refer to the MHHS Course Catalog by CLICKING HERE.  

Will I be required to come to come to the school for any reason?
Students in the pathway will be required to meet on a regular basis with the Coordinator of Alternative Education to establish work completion goals, and track progress in all of the classes.  MHHS must calculate attendance using the work completed by students.  If a student fails to complete work on a regular basis, students may be required to re-enroll in the face-to-face school environment.  Students who consistently complete their work within the time frame allotted will likely only need to meet with the coordinator on a monthly basis.

Can I come to the school campus during the school day?
YES!  We actually encourage Online Pathway students to come to campus as often as they like.  Online Pathway students must wear their school ID that designates them as an online student while they are on campus, and must sign in at the Attendance office.  There are several areas on campus throughout the day where students can come to work in a quiet space, socialize with friends, and participate in the vibrant life of our campus community.  As always, school rules, dress code, and behavior expectations must always be followed.

Additional Questions:
Contact Karen Perez, Coordinator of Alternative Education Programs [email protected]