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What is the Mountain House Early College Program?
The Early College Program is a partnership between Delta College and Mountain House High School. This program will help our students gain experience in taking college level courses, earning dual credit for classes taken at Delta, earn a high school diploma and complete the IGETC general education transfer credits for UC/CSU.  Some students can choose to also work on receiving their Associates of Science degree while in high school. There is also a HUGE financial savings for students and families by getting general education requirements fulfilled.

What will college be like?
As a student at Delta College students will be treated as college students. Students will be communicating with professors and the college counselor and will be having classes with other college students. College transcript grades are permanent and will follow students as they apply to college. At the college level one semester is equivalent to a one year course at MHHS. While a student is in the Early College Pathway Program they MUST maintain at least a 5 period day at the high school. There is a cost to taking college classes at Delta. Students must be transported to classes that are offered at the Delta campus. Students and families must remember that the college classes will create an extra course load (homework, tests, quizzes) for the student. There will be a minimum of two classes that students will need to take every semester (Fall, Spring and Summer) while in the program.

What are the steps to apply to the Early College Pathway Program?
See our page on application process HERE

What are the requirements to be considered for the Early College Pathway Program?
CLICK HERE to learn about Criteria for Acceptance
Can I alter the Pathway and/or take different classes?
If you are in the Early College Pathway Program you cannot alter your Student Educational Plan if you want to fulfill the requirements of the program. However, if you want to take additional college classes you can. We want to remind you that with college classes added to your high school class load you will be looking at much more homework, tests, and quizzes. We encourage you to manage your time inside and outside of school wisely. Each family needs to decide this and seriously consider the impact for the student. If you want to veer off the Pathway Classes, you will not be included in the Early College Program; however, you can meet with the counselor Delta College to create your own class plan.

What is the Student Educational Plan?
The Student Educational Plan is the Pathway that students will follow to complete their IGETC requirement and/or Associate of Science degree while in high school. These plans will be filled during the student's’ Guidance class. 

What are dual credit courses?
Dual credit courses are courses that you will take at Delta College. You will receive credit on both your college transcript and your high school transcript. These transcripts will follow you and will be included in your college applications. Also, all Delta college classes will graded on a 5.0 scale on the high school transcript.

When will the classes take place?
Each semester Delta will put out a course list that will include days and times of each class. This will come out towards the end of the previous semester. You cannot enroll in classes until the class list comes out. You can find it on the Delta College website. Click here for the Delta Calendar.

How do I find out the class focus and/or requirements?
Delta College has a course catalog that describes each class and the prerequisite for each class. The course catalog can be found on the Delta College website. Click here for Course Catalog.

Where do I buy books?
You can purchase books for your classes at the Delta College Bookstore. Information can be found on the Delta College Bookstore website.

Can we rent books?
You can rent books through the Delta College Bookstore. Information can be found on the Delta College Bookstore website.

What if I want to play sports or participate in other extracurricular activities?
If you are involved in high school sports or activities you will need to discuss your involvement in the Early College Program with your coach or advisor. You will need to work out any adjustments to your sport or activity with your coach or activity sponsor. We do not recommend that you miss College classes.

What if I do not maintain the requirements of the program while I am in the program?
Staying in the Early College Pathway Program is contingent on passing Delta courses, meeting high school graduation requirements, maintaining a high school GPA of 3.0, and following the Cohort Pathway sequence. Students who do not meet these requirements may be removed from the program. Student situations will be considered on an individual basis.
Will I need to pay Delta Tuition for the classes that I take through the Early College Program?
Yes. When you register for classes you will need to pay for the classes at the cost of the current credit fee of Delta College.
Can I take classes the are put on the high school transcript at both Delta and MHHS (double-dipping)?
No. If you are taking a class at Delta that will transfer to the high school transcript, students cannot take the high school class equivalent. For example, English 1A at Delta counts for MHHS AP Junior English. Since students are taking English 1A, they cannot take AP Junior English at the high school. This applies to all college classes that transfer from Delta to the high school transcript. These classes will also be on their Delta transcript and already count for college credit.
Who do I contact for questions regarding the Mountain House Early College Pathway Program?
Students who have questions about the Early College Pathway should contact their school counselor.  Visit our Counseling website for contact information for all of our counselors.