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Speech and Debate

sdMountain House High School Speech and Debate team participates in several areas of speech known as Forensics.  There are four specific areas within Forensics, they are: Platforms, Interpretations, Limited Preparation Events and Debate. Within each of these areas there are a number of different events; Platforms are created/written by the student. Interpretations are written by another and performed by the student. Limited Preparation is created by the student, off the top of their head within a given timeframe. Debate, in any category, is an event that is initially prepared from research and current events, but blends the interpretive, platform and extemporaneous speaking.
Students on our speech and debate team are nationally and internationally ranked, and receive awards and scholarships each year that they compete.  We encourage all interested students to join speech and debate.
The advisers for the Speech and Debate team are Ingrid Eliasson: and Tara Rico:  
For more detailed information, we encourage you to visit our team's website here: