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Incoming 9th Grade: Math Placement

Incoming freshmen (current 8th graders in the Lammersville Unified School District) are placed into math courses based on a number of criteria outlined in the letter linked to below. 

As explained in the letter, MHHS does offer the option for parents to petition their student's math placement. If you would like to request a placement change for your student after you have reviewed the letter, please fill out the petition form below. 
LINK to Math Placement Letter

If you disagree with your student’s math placement, and you would like to petition for a change in your student’s math course for next school year, please fill out the following petition form below. If your student is currently in 8th grade Math, and you would like to petition for them to be able to accelerate over the summer so they can take Math 2 or 2H as a freshman, please also use this form. We will not accept outside Math courses taken prior to the start of 9th grade for placement in 9th grade Math. 


LINK to Math Placement PETITION 
The deadline to complete the petition is March 15th, 2021, at 3:30pm. Petition requests will be individually considered by administration and counselors.