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Senior Awards

asdfMHHS Awards Seniors who have distinguished themselves in a number of ways.  Each year an awards ceremony is hosted in the theater to honor these students and family and friends are welcome to come and see these students recognized for their distinctions and hard work.  
We encourage you to take a look at the list of awards that students can receive.  We encourage students to work towards earning these awards while they are students at MHHS.
Pathway Recognition Awards
Pathway cords are awarded to students who have obtained recognition by specializing in certain fields of interest. The MHHS Professional Pathways offer a structured system where students can obtain recognition at graduation for completing approved courses connected to each industry. This type of recognition upon graduation is similar to the recognition students can get in college by declaring a “minor” in their course of study.  Pathway cords are given to students to wear with their cap and gown at graduation.  Pathway cords are given to students in the following pathways:
  • Arts, Media, and Entertainment (Green Cord)
  • World Language and Business Pathway (Violet Cord)
  • Culinary Pathway (Lilac Cord)
  • Computer Science PLTW Pathway (Yellow Cord)
  • Biomedical Science PLTW  Pathway (Orange Cord)
  • Engineering Pathway PLTW (Red Cord)
AP Plus PLTW Recognition
This recognition demonstrates to colleges and employers that the student is ready for advanced course work and interested in careers in their discipline. To earn this recognition, the student must complete a combination of three Advanced Placement courses and Project Lead The Way courses. They must also score Proficient or higher on their end of course exams for PLTW and must score a 3 or higher on their AP exams.
Project Lead the Way Honors Medallion
Project Lead the Way honors students who complete at least three PLTW courses while in high school and earn a B or better each semester in each course.
Departmental Awards
The students who receive these departmental awards made a lasting impression on teachers here at Mountain House High school, and established themselves as stand-outs in the senior class. Department awards are available in the following departments:
  • Biomedical Science
  • Performing Arts--Music
  • Performing Arts--Drama
  • Culinary
  • Computer Science
  • Math
  • Science
  • English
  • Visual Art
  • Photography
  • Video Production
  • Digital Art
  • Social Studies
  • Resource Program
  • World Language
  • Physical Education/Health
  • Alternative Education
  • Engineering
Students who participate in Mountain House High School clubs play an integral part in our school’s culture. These students have spent much of their time participating in service projects while working with a group of students that share similar passions to move our school forward.  Club awards are given in the following clubs:
  • DECA
  • Sports Management
  • Hackathon
  • National Honor Society
  • HOSA
  • Science Olympiad
  • Digital Art
  • Mock Trial
  • Leadership
Community Service Block Letter and Certificate
Aside from the 40 hours of community service required for all students to graduate, some students went over and above and provided hundreds of hours of service to their communities. Students who provide 200 or more hours of community service receive their block letter and certificate.
Community Service Senior Award
Students in our senior class can receive a special distinction for community service by performing over 300 hours of community service during their high school career. Community service on this scale truly shows a dedication to selfless service. This year’s recipients have worked tirelessly as volunteers for a number of community organizations, and have distinguished themselves as recipients of this special award. 
Mustang Spirit Award 
As we have built the culture and spirit of our school, it is important to have students lead by example of what it means to be a Mountain House Mustang. Mustangs are wild, free-roaming horses descended from once domesticated horses. These Mustangs form tight knit bands led by a dominant leader as they forge their way through new and uncharted territory. Mustangs have also become the living symbol of the pioneer spirit of the west. The recipient of the spirit award this year goes to an individual who has been both a leader and a pioneer here at Mountain House High School.
Western Athletic League-Scholar Athlete Award 
This award is given to student athletes who maintain a minimum 3.5 cumulative GPA. Our league understands and appreciates the hard work of our student athletes, and awards them a patch that they can place on their letterman jacket.
Scholar Athlete of the Year
Mountain House High School prides itself in focusing on the “student” aspect of our student-athletes. We strive to instill a sense of academic responsibility in our athletes, and recognize the extra effort that goes into fitting athletics into an already busy academic schedule. After countless hours of reading, writing, computations, and assessments, these students still find time in their schedule to pursue excellence in their chosen sport. This award goes to the Senior male and female athlete who have shown both academic and athletic excellence.
Early College Medal
The Early College program combines high school and college in a rigorous, supportive environment that enables students to graduate with college credit and the tools for college and career. This is a collaborative partnership between Mountain House High School and San Joaquin Delta College. These students are all completing either a certificate of transfer courses for a state university or an associate’s degree and will be participating in the Delta College graduation ceremony.
Stockton Record Distinguished Student Award
The Stockton Record, in conjunction with the San Joaquin County Office of Education, honors outstanding high school seniors in our county every year. These awards recognize students who exemplify a well-rounded student career with the cornerstones of academics, activities, and citizenship. The Distinguished student award represents the top 2 and 3% of the graduating class.
Stockton Record Pinnacle Award
The Stockton Record, in conjunction with the San Joaquin County Office of Education, honors outstanding high school seniors in our county every year. These awards recognize students who exemplify a well-rounded student career with the cornerstones of academics, activities, and citizenship. The Pinnacle award represents the top 1% of the senior class and these students will be attending a ceremony to receive a Pinnacle medal to wear at graduation.

National Merit Scholarship
The National Merit Scholarship Program is an academic competition for recognition and scholarships that began in 1955. High school students enter the National Merit Program by taking the Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test—a test which serves as an initial screen of approximately 1.6 million entrants each year. Of the 1.6 million entrants, 34,000 students receive a letter of commendation based on their scores.
Outside Scholarship Awards
In addition to the academic awards given by outside organizations, many of our students have also received monetary scholarship offers from the colleges and universities that they were accepted to. It is the responsibility of the student and the parent to report these outside Scholarships and awards to the school in order to be recognized.  Links to the reporting form will go out to parents and students of Seniors.
Seal of Biliteracy
The California State Seal of Biliteracy program recognizes high school graduates who have attained a high level of proficiency in speaking, reading, and writing one or more languages in addition to English. These students have maintained a consistent GPA in their English classes, have scored Proficient or above on their state Language Arts test, and have completed a 4-year course of study in another language or passed an AP or SAT test in another language. These students will receive an additional seal on their diplomas and will be awarded a medal to wear at graduation at a separate ceremony.
Golden State Seal of Merit Award
The Golden State Seal Merit Diploma is given to seniors who have demonstrated mastery of the high school curriculum in at least six subject areas four of which are English-language arts, mathematics, science, and U.S. history, with the remaining two subject matter areas selected by the student. The seal is awarded jointly by the State Board of Education and the State Superintendent of Public Instruction. 
American Citizenship Award
This award is a national award given by the National Association of Secondary School Principals, and goes to a model student who inspires and encourages other students to strive to be better citizens. The student chosen for this award is a student who has worked hard to participate in, and encourage participation in school service, and has shown a positive attitude and work ethic in the face of challenges. This person has displayed their understanding and appreciation of civic responsibility, and a strength of character to do what is right.
Academic Honors
These are students whose cumulative Grade Point Average over the 4 years of high school is equal to 3.5 to 3.9. Students who receive “honors” will receive a silver stole to wear over their gown at graduation.
Academic High Honors
These are students whose cumulative Grade Point Average over the 4 years of high school is equal to 4.0 or above. Students who receive above a 4.0 achieve this distinction by taking multiple Honors and AP courses that count for additional grade points above a 4.0. Students who receive “high honors” will receive a gold stole to wear over their gown at graduation.
President's Award for Educational Achievement
The President’s Award for Educational Achievement is given by the U.S. department of education, and is signed by the President . This award recognizes students that show outstanding educational growth, improvement, commitment or intellectual development in their academic subjects. Its purpose is to encourage and reward students who give their best effort, often in the face of special obstacles. Tonight’s recipients have shown tremendous academic growth, as they have been students here at Mountain House High School.
President's Award for Educational Excellence
This award is sponsored by the U.S. department of Education, and was developed to help principals recognize and honor the student who has achieved the highest academic goals through hard work and dedication to learning. The student who receives this award has maintained A grades for their entire high school career while enrolled in Multiple Honors, AP, and Delta College courses. The recipient of this award will receive this framed certificate signed by the U.S. Secretary of Education and the President, and a pin to wear on their graduation stole.